Erich Sauter was born in Switzerland. He immigrated in 1950 to California and was sponsored by Capt. Gilmore in Santa Barbara. He studied at the Staedel in Frankfurt; worked with Fresco painter Waldemar Coste / studied in Berlin under Professor Jaeckel for many years since 1929. Most of his works are in private possessions or collected by University Library of Frankfurt / Philipp Holzmann AG / Cultural Dept. of the city of Frankfurt and Museum of Natural History in Santa Barbara.

He achieved U.S. honorable mention from the L.A. County Federation of Labor, Class Professional. In 1991 he received the distinguished service medal of the Fed. Rep. of Germany for his artistic and historical contributions and his paintings have been auctioned at  leading auction houses in Frankfurt.  When he was 90 years old he was mentioned as “A Foundation of the Frankfurt painter Association with the 5-best artist of younger generation” in the publication “How painters saw Frankfurt over the last 500 years”.

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